2011 North American International Auto Show, Detroit, USA…and Beyond

Posted in Architecture, Business, Community, Construction, Design, Education, International, Media by htdstudio on January 15, 2011

As a longtime fan of cars, machines and all things mechanical, I’m back in Detroit for the North American International Auto Show. Not only to witness the imminent resurgence of the US auto market, but to return to a city that blew me away on my first visit in late 2010. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many extraordinary people here, many of them innovators and/or pioneers. For now, I will continue to exchange ideas, continue unfinished conversations, assist friends and colleagues, and feed off the energy I take away as we kick off 2011. Entrepreneurs, farmers, artists, industry professionals remain hopeful and positive that Detroit’s rebirth efforts are both sustainable and REAL.  Detroit, like dozens of ‘post-industrial’ cities around the US is fertile with potential in creating new markets, industries, collaborations and yes jobs, but one has to be positive, diligent and creative.  The bittersweet mix of the future and futility swirls like the cold Detroit winter wind itself.

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